Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust Preservation Matters

Streamflow Data Map - Full-Screen View >>

Each blue label represents a USGS gauge and shows the most current flow reading in cubic feet per second. When flow information is not available, a white label shows the most current gauge height reading in feet.
Use the map's Zoom-in feature to see additional gauges.

100Stream flow - cfs

10.01Gauge stage - feet

The information on the streamflow map is updated every 15 minutes with data obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), though not all gauges are updated simultaneously.
Click on a label to get more USGS information along with the National Weather Service forecast.
Click, hold and drag to reposition the map.
Zoom in to show more gauges, zoom out to hide gauges
(+/-0.00) - indicates change in 24 hours.